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Treatment & Support Services

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Treatment Opportunities
Support Services
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Treatment Opportunities

Inpatient Centers:

Shreveport, LA

Veterans Addiction Recovery Center
Gambling Treatment Center
10701 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH  44106
216.791.3800 ext. 6962 

The Recovery Center
2501 Taylor Street
Wichita Falls, TX

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Support Services

Under contract with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services and supported by member organizations, OAPCG is responsible for providing up-to-date resource referral and service agency information to consumers. The organization will utilize an interactive web site to provide up-to-date information on problem gambling issues.

The OAPCG strongly encourages the use of a national toll-free Helpline, operated solely by the National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc. (NCPG.) NCPG provides 24-hour staffed telephone coverage, supportive intervention and resource and referral information to persons seeking assistance regarding problem gambling close to you.

The Helpline number 1-800-522-4700 is available to those who desire information and assistance. A trained staff is available to handle crisis and non-crisis calls addressing problem gambling. Callers are often seeking information and/or referrel to professional treatment, an area Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meeting, or a community health or human service provider.

It is the goal of the OAPCG to work diligently to provide additional support services throughout Oklahoma by:

  • Increasing the general public's awareness of problem and compulsive gambling issues.

  • Enhancing the availability and quality of treatment services for problem gamblers and their families through ongoing training programs statewide. These specialized training programs will be designed to assist certified and licensed counseling professionals develop a high level of expertise in addressing problem gambling issues with their patients and clients.

  • Insuring the quality of education and prevention programs for all citizens of Oklahoma through the use of print publications, oral presentations by a OAPCG Speakers Bureau, and the use of the electronic media.

  • Working closely with The National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc. to develop and implement effective information, education, and prevention programs on problem gambling issues, which could be utilized not only in Oklahoma, but on a national scale.

  • Working closely with state colleges and universities to develop a high quality research effort in the field of gambling addiction and co-occurring dependencies.

  • Raising public awareness of problem gambling issues throughout the state of Oklahoma.

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Books and Resources

OAPCG recommends the following reading:

  • In the Shadow of Chance, Julian L. Taber (2001)
    Explores the gambler's distortions of thought, personal agony and social destruction caused by gambling addiction.

  • Pathological Gambling: A Critical Review, National Research Council (1999)
    In depth review and information on prevalence of pathological and problem gambling as well as its effects on individuals, relationships, and society.

  • The Chase, Henry R. Lesieur (1984)
    Social forces facing the compulsive gambler.

  • When the Chips are Down, Rachel A. Volberg (2001)
    Provides readers with an understanding of the challenges posed by problem gamblers to policy makers and the general public.

  • When Luck Runs Out, Robert Custer and Harry Milt (1985)
    A complete examination of pathological gambling and its treatment.

For Family and Friends:

  • Behind the 8-Ball, Linda Berman and Mary-Ellen Siegel (1992)
    Written as a supportive guide for spouses and those affected by the behaviors of a compulsive gambler.

  • Don't Leave it to Chance, Federman, Drebing, and Krebs (2000)
    Research and general information and practical advise on problem gambling.

  • Losing Your Shirt, Mary Heinemann (1992)
    Approaches for families in dealing with problem gambling.

For Clinical Professionals:

  • Counseling Problem Gamblers, Joseph W. Ciarrocchi (2002)
    Comprehensive, user-friendly source for understanding and treating pathological gambling.

  • Understanding & Treating the Pathological Gambler, Robert Ladouceur (2002)
    An overview of treatments that have been used for pathological gambling and a review of the difficulties encountered in the process of therapy.

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